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Hola Mohalla Quotes in Punjabi : 

Hola Mohalla is celebrated in Anandpur Sahib after one day of Holi. Hola Mohalla Quotes in Punjabi .Hola Mohalla was started by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Hola Mohalla of Sri Anandpur Sahib has a distinct identity all over the world.

Hola Mohalla Quotes

Hola Mohalla Quotes in Punjabi :-

History of Hola Mohalla After the formation of the Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj, a festival called Hola Mohalla was started from Holi in the year 1757 on the day of Chitra Badi 1. At Holgarh, a place at Sri Anandpur Sahib, the Guru inaugurated the Hola Mohalla.

Hola Mohalla is a mock attack in which the two sides attack a particular place on foot and on horseback. 

But Guru Gobind Singh Ji changed Holi to Hola Mohalla. In 1757, Guru Ji made two sides of the lion and gave white cloth to the members of one side and saffron to the other, then Guru Ji attacked one faction to capture Holgarh and attacked the other faction and gave it to the first faction. Asked to release from possession. The essence of the fighting was shown at Hola Mohalla without which no physical damage was done. 

At this time, the use of weapons such as arrows or cannons was forbidden as the Guru's armies were on both sides. Eventually the saffron-clad army succeeded in capturing Holgarh. The Gur Gobind Singh was overjoyed to see this mock attack of the Sikhs, and a large-scale halva prasad was prepared, fed and celebrated. From that day till today, Hola Mohalla of Sri Anandpur Sahib has a distinct identity all over the world.

Even today at Takht Sri Kesgarh Sahib, Panj Pyare Sahiban visited Mohalla at Fort Anandgarh Sahib. There, Nihang Singh, armed, riding on elephants and horses, throws roses at each other, all feet reach the Ganga plain.

There are many types of sports like horse racing, gatka, javelin throwing Finally, after visiting the rest of the Gurudwaras, Hola Mohalla Quotes in Punjabi. this Nagar Kirtan ends at Sri Kesgarh Sahib. 

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